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English > 2 senses of the word riddance:
NOUNactriddance, eliminationthe act of removing or getting rid of something
actriddance, ejection, exclusion, expulsionthe act of forcing out someone or something
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Rhymesabeyance ... virulence: 273 rhymes with ahns...
English > riddance: 2 senses > noun 1, act
MeaningThe act of removing or getting rid of something.
Narrowersimplificationelimination of superfluous details
Broaderremoval, remotionThe act of removing
Catalanalliberació, alliberament
Verbsridrelieve from
English > riddance: 2 senses > noun 2, act
MeaningThe act of forcing out someone or something.
Synonymsejection, exclusion, expulsion
Narrowerbarring, blackballThe act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto
defenestrationThe act of throwing someone or something out of a window
deportationThe expulsion from a country of an undesirable alien
ostracismThe act of excluding someone from society by general consent
ouster, oustingThe act of ejecting someone or forcing them out
Broaderbanishment, proscriptionrejection by means of an act of banishing or proscribing someone
Spanishexclusión, expulsión
Catalanexclusió, expulsió

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