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English > 1 sense of the word Pterosauria:
NOUNanimalPterosauria, order Pterosauriaextinct flying reptiles
English > Pterosauria: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
MeaningExtinct flying reptiles: pterosaurs.
Synonymorder Pterosauria
Member ofArchosauria, subclass ArchosauriaA large subclass of diapsid reptiles including
MembersPterodactylidae, family PterodactylidaeA reptile family in the order Pterosauria
pterosaur, flying reptileAn extinct reptile of the Jurassic and Cretaceous having a bird-like beak and membranous wings supported by the very long fourth digit of each forelimb
Broaderanimal orderThe order of animals
CatalanPterosaure, pterosauris

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