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English > 1 sense of the expression pneumatic tire:
NOUNartifactpneumatic tire, pneumatic tyrea tire made of reinforced rubber / rubber and filled with compressed air
English > pneumatic tire: 1 sense > noun 1, artifact
MeaningA tire made of reinforced rubber / rubber and filled with compressed air; used on motor vehicles and bicycles etc.
Synonympneumatic tyre
Part ofbicycle wheelThe wheel of a bicycle
car wheelA wheel that has a tire and rim and hubcap
PartscasingThe outermost covering of a pneumatic tire
inner tubeAn inflatable rubber / rubber tube that fits inside the casing of a pneumatic tire
treadThe grooved surface of a pneumatic tire
Narrowerflat, flat tireA deflated pneumatic tire
radial, radial tire, radial-ply tirepneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing
snow tireAn automobile pneumatic tire with deep tread to give traction in snow
tubeless, tubeless tirepneumatic tire not needing an inner tube to be airtight
Broadertire, tyreHoop that covers a wheel
Adjectivescross-plyof or relating to an older kind of automobile tire that had a flexible tread and relatively stiff sidewalls
radial-plyof or relating to automobile tires that have a strip under the tread and relatively little stiffening in the sidewalls

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