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English > 1 sense of the word pervade:
VERBcontactpervade, permeate, penetrate, interpenetrate, diffuse, imbue, riddlespread or diffuse through
pervade > pronunciation
Rhymesaccolade ... wade / Wade: 90 rhymes with eyd...
English > pervade: 1 sense > verb 1, contact
MeaningSpread or diffuse through.
PatternSomething ----s something
Synonymspermeate, penetrate, interpenetrate, diffuse, imbue, riddle
Narrowerspiritize, spiritiseimbue with a spirit / spirit / spirit / spirit
Broaderpenetrate, perforatePass into or through, often by overcoming resistance
Spanishdifundirse, extenderse, permear
Adjectivespervasivespreading or spread throughout
Nounspervasionthe process of permeating / permeating / permeating or infusing something with a substance

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