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English > 2 senses of the word incidentally:
ADVERBallincidentally, by the way, by the bye, aproposintroducing a different topic
allincidentally, accidentallyof a minor or subordinate nature
incidentally > pronunciation
Soundsih.nsihdeh'ntahliy; ih.nsihdeh'ntliy
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English > incidentally: 2 senses > adverb 1
Meaningintroducing a different topic; in point of fact.
Example"incidentally, I won't go to the party"
Synonymsby the way, by the bye, apropos
Spanisha propósito, de paso, por cierto
Catalana propòsit, per cert
English > incidentally: 2 senses > adverb 2
MeaningOf a minor or subordinate nature.
Example"these magnificent achievements were only incidentally influenced by Oriental models"
Adjectivesincidental(sometimes followed by 'to') minor or casual or subordinate in significance or nature or occurring as a chance concomitant or consequence

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