HyperDic: hurrah

English > 2 senses of the word hurrah:
NOUNcommunicationhurrah, hooraya victory cheer
VERBcommunicationhurrahshout 'hurrah!'
hurrah > pronunciation
RhymesBasra ... raw: 5 rhymes with raa...
English > hurrah: 2 senses > noun 1, communication
MeaningA victory cheer.
Example"let's give the team a big hurrah"
BroadercheerA cry or shout of approval
Spanishhurra, viva
English > hurrah: 2 senses > verb 1, communication
Meaningshout 'hurrah!'.
PatternSomebody ----s
Broadershout, shout out, cry, call, yell, scream, holler, hollo, squallUtter a sudden loud cry

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