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English > 2 senses of the word happily:
ADVERBallhappily, merrily, mirthfully, gayly, blithely, jubilantlyin a joyous manner
allhappilyin an unexpectedly lucky way
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English > happily: 2 senses > adverb 1
MeaningIn a joyous manner.
Example"they shouted happily"
Synonymsmerrily, mirthfully, gayly, blithely, jubilantly
OppositeunhappilyIn an unpleasant way
Spanishalegremente, dichosamente, felizmente, jubilosamente
Catalanalegrement, feliçment
Adjectiveshappyenjoying / enjoying / enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure
English > happily: 2 senses > adverb 2
MeaningIn an unexpectedly lucky way.
Example"happily he was not injured"
Oppositesadly, unhappilyIn an unfortunate way
Adjectiveshappymarked by good fortune

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