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English > 1 sense of the expression English person:
NOUNperson English persona native or inhabitant of England
English > English person: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningA native or inhabitant of England.
Member ofEnglandA division of the United Kingdom
NarrowerAnglo-IndianA person of English citizenship born or living in India
Anglo-SaxonA native or inhabitant of England prior to the Norman Conquest
Anglo-SaxonA person of Anglo-Saxon (especially British) descent whose native tongue is English and whose culture is strongly influenced by English culture as in WASP for 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestant'
Brummie, BrummyA native or resident of Birmingham, England
CantabrigianA resident of Cambridge
EnglishmanA man who is a native or inhabitant of England
EnglishwomanA woman who is a native or inhabitant of England
GeordieA native of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
HanoverianA member (or supporter) of the house of Hanover
LancastrianA member (or supporter) of the house of Lancaster
LancastrianA resident of Lancaster
Liverpudlian, ScouserA native or resident of Liverpool
LondonerA native or resident of London
MackemA native of Sunderland
MancunianA native or resident of Manchester
OxonianA native or resident of Oxford
SassenachThe Scots' term for an English person
TykeA native of Yorkshire
pommy, pomA disparaging term for a British person
BroaderBritisher, Briton, BritA native or inhabitant of Great Britain

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