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HyperDic is a hyper-dictionary: a new kind of dictionary, where related words of the English language are linked together. There are now 3 versions of HyperDic:

  1. HyperDic 3.0 Online, that covers over 145,000 English words,
  2. HyperDic 1.0 on CD-rom, covering more than 120,000 English word forms
  3. MiniDic, a free mini-dictionary covering an essential English vocabulary.

The present release was derived from version 3.0 of the original WordNet ® database. WordNet links each word to different sets of other words that have a related meaning, like for instance similar, opposite, broader or narrower terms.

In HyperDic, these links are expressed directly as web links, making it possible to "surf" through the English vocabulary, thus allowing a powerful, easy consultation of the system, which facilitates learning.

Near the top of each page, there is an alphabetical index bar, with a link labelled Dictionary, leading to the Alphabetical Word Index, with further links to all the words in the system. Another link, labelled Help, leads to the documentation files.

Over to the index bar, a searchbox gives access to an online word lookup into the newest version of the dictionary. The search functionality is further described in the Search Help.

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