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  1. Where are the antonyms?
  2. Can you look up a word for me?
  3. Sign me up for a copy, please! How do I pay?
  4. Can I download HyperDic?
  5. Can I distribute the free version?

Please contact us through the link at the bottom of this page if you have other questions.

Questions and Answers

Where are the antonyms?

The antonyms are labelled "Opposite", because we try to use easier terminology, in order to make the dictionary more accessible.

You can also freely download our antonyms dictionary as a single text file.

Can you look up a word for me?

We receive many requests for the definition of different words. At this moment, our limited resources do not allow us to answer such requests.

Sign me up for a copy, please! How do I pay?

An older full version of the hyper-dictionary, covering 120,000 words, is available on the HyperDic CD-rom.

We also envisage to make the latest full release available as a commercial download. If you are interested in this possibility, you can contact us here.

Can I download HyperDic?

Only partially: there is a free version of HyperDic, named MiniDic, which covers an essential selection of the most frequent words in the English vocabulary. MiniDic is freely available from the download page, and consists of 1200 XHTML pages, packaged into a 1.5 MB file, compressed with tar and gzip. To unpack it, you need appropriate decompression software, and 14 MB free disk space.

Can I distribute the free version?

Yes, you may freely use, copy, modify and distribute the above-mentioned free offline MiniDic package, on any medium, without paying any fee to the copyright holder, under the terms of the standard Artistic License 2. You may repackage the provided files for distribution, using any alternative compression method (or without compression).

If you distribute more than a few copies, you are encouraged (but not required) to contact us. We will be happy to set up a hyperlink from hyperdic.net to alternative download sites.

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