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English > 1 sense of the expression common fraction:
NOUNquantitycommon fraction, simple fractionthe quotient of two integers
English > common fraction: 1 sense > noun 1, quantity
MeaningThe quotient of two integers.
Synonymsimple fraction
Narrowerone-billionth, billionthOne part in a billion equal parts
one-eighth, eighthOne part in eight equal parts
one-fifth, fifth, fifth part, twenty percentOne part in five equal parts
one-fourth, fourth, one-quarter, quarter, fourth part, twenty-five percent, quarternOne of four equal parts
one-half, halfOne of two equal parts of a divisible whole
one-hundred-millionthOne part in a hundred million equal parts
one-hundred-thousandthOne part in a hundred thousand equal parts
one-hundredth, hundredth, one percentOne part in a hundred equal parts
one-millionth, millionthOne part in a million equal parts
one-ninth, ninthOne part in nine equal parts
one-quadrillionth, quadrillionthOne part in a quadrillion / quadrillion equal parts
one-quintillionth, quintillionthOne part in a quintillion equal parts
one-seventh, seventhOne part in seven equal parts
one-sixteenth, sixteenth, sixteenth partOne part in sixteen equal parts
one-sixth, sixthOne part in six equal parts
one-sixtieth, sixtiethOne part in sixty equal parts
one-sixty-fourth, sixty-fourthOne part in sixty-four equal parts
one-ten-thousandth, ten-thousandthOne part in ten thousand equal parts
one-tenth, tenth, tenth part, ten percentA tenth part
one-third, third, tierceOne of three equal parts of a divisible whole
one-thirty-second, thirty-second, thirty-second partOne part in thirty-two equal parts
one-thousandth, thousandthOne part in a thousand equal parts
one-trillionth, trillionthOne part in a trillion equal parts
one-twelfth, twelfth, twelfth part, duodecimalOne part in twelve equal parts
three-fourths, three-quartersThree of four equal parts
two-thirdsTwo of three equal parts of a divisible whole
BroaderfractionThe quotient of two rational numbers
Spanishfracción común, fracción simple
Catalanfracció simple

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