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NOUNplantCaesalpinioideae, subfamily Caesalpinioideaealternative name in some classification systems for the family Caesalpiniaceae
English > Caesalpinioideae: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
MeaningAlternative name in some classification systems for the family Caesalpiniaceae.
Synonymsubfamily Caesalpinioideae
Member ofLeguminosae, family Leguminosae, Fabaceae, family Fabaceae, legume family, pea familyA large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods
MembersAcrocarpus, genus Acrocarpussmall genus of trees of Indonesia and Malaysia
Bauhinia, genus Bauhiniamountain ebony, orchid tree
Brachystegia, genus Brachystegiasmall genus of tropical African timber trees having pale golden heartwood uniformly striped with dark brown or black
Caesalpinia, genus Caesalpiniasmall spiny tropical trees or shrubs
Ceratonia, genus Ceratoniacarobs
Cercidium, genus CercidiumSpiny shrubs or small trees sometimes placed in genus Parkinsonia
Chamaecrista, genus Chamaecristagenus of tropical herbs or subshrubs having sensitive leaves and suddenly dehiscing pods
Delonix, genus Delonixevergreen or deciduous trees of tropical Africa and India
Gleditsia, genus Gleditsiadeciduous trees
Gymnocladus, genus Gymnocladussmall genus of deciduous trees of China and United States having paniculate flowers and thick pulpy pods
Haematoxylum, genus Haematoxylum, Haematoxylon, genus Haematoxylonsmall genus of tropical American spiny bushy shrubs or trees
Parkinsonia, genus Parkinsoniasmall genus of spiny shrubs or small trees
Petteria, genus PetteriaOne species
genus Cassia, CassiaSome genus Cassia species often classified as members of the genus Senna or genus Chamaecrista
genus Sennagenus of shrubs and trees and herbs many of which are often classified as members of the genus Cassia
Broaderrosid dicot familyA family of dicotyledonous plants
Spanishcaesalpinioidéas, subfamilia caesalpinioidéas

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