HyperDic: bread_and_butter

English > 1 sense of the expression bread and butter:
NOUNpossessionbread and butter, support, keep, livelihood, living, sustenancethe financial means whereby one lives
English > bread and butter: 1 sense > noun 1, possession
MeaningThe financial means whereby one lives.
Synonymssupport, keep, livelihood, living, sustenance
Narrowercomforts, creature comforts, amenities, conveniencesthings that make you comfortable / comfortable and at ease
maintenancemeans of maintenance of a family or group
meal ticketA source of income or livelihood
subsistenceminimal (or marginal) resources for subsisting
Broaderresourceavailable source of wealth
Spanishmanutención, sustentación, sustento
Catalanmanutenció, sustentacle

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