HyperDic: indistingibilitat

Català > 1 sentit de la paraula indistingibilitat:
NOMattributeindistingibilitat, identitat, igualtatexact sameness
Català > indistingibilitat: 1 sentit > nom 1, attribute
Sentitexact sameness.
Sinònimsidentitat, igualtat
Específicunicitat, unitatThe quality of being united into one
Generaligualtat, semblança, similitudThe quality of being alike
Anglèsidentity, identicalness, indistinguishability
Espanyolidentidad, igualdad
Adjectiusidèntic, indistingibleexactly alike
isòtropHaving properties with uniform values along all axes
univitel·lí(of twins) derived from a single egg or ovum
VerbsidentificarConsider to be equal or the same
identificar-seConsider (oneself) as similar to somebody else

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