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Català > 1 sentit de l'expressió fons marí:
NOMobjectfons marí, Davy Jones, fons del mar, llit maríthe bottom of a sea or ocean
Català > fons marí: 1 sentit > nom 1, object
SentitThe bottom of a sea or ocean.
SinònimsDavy Jones, fons del mar, llit marí
Específicplataforma continentalThe relatively shallow (up to 200 meters) seabed surrounding a continent
zona abissalThe deep sea (2000 meters or more) where there is no light
zona neríticaThe ocean waters from the low tide mark to a depth of about 100 fathoms
Generalfons, llitA depression forming the ground under a body of water
Anglèsocean floor, sea floor, ocean bottom, seabed, sea bottom, Davy Jones's locker, Davy Jones
EspanyolDavy Jones, fondo del mar, fondo marino, relieve oceánico
Adjectiushadalrelating to the deepest parts of the ocean (below 6000 meters)

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