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Català > 1 sentit de la paraula esòfag:
NOMbodyesòfagthe passage between the pharynx and the stomach
Català > esòfag: 1 sentit > nom 1, body
SentitThe passage between the pharynx and the stomach.
Part detub digestiutubular passage of mucous membrane and muscle extending about 8.3 meters from mouth to anus
Partscàrdia, càrdiesThe valve between the distal end of the esophagus and the stomach
GeneralconducteA path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass
musculatura, sistema muscularThe muscular system of an organism
Anglèsesophagus, oesophagus, gorge, gullet
Espanyolesofago, esófago
Adjectiusesofàgicrelating to the esophagus
gastroesofàgicOf or relating to or involving the stomach and esophagus

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