HyperDic: commutabilitat

Català > 2 sentits de la paraula commutabilitat:
NOMattributecommutabilitatexchangeability by virtue of being replaceable
attributecommutabilitat, transmutabilitatthe quality of being commutable
Català > commutabilitat: 2 sentits > nom 1, attribute
Sentitexchangeability by virtue of being replaceable.
Generalbescanviabilitat, intercanviabilitatThe quality of being capable of exchange or interchange
Anglèsreplaceability, substitutability, commutability
Adjectiusreemplaçablecapable of being replaced
Català > commutabilitat: 2 sentits > nom 2, attribute
SentitThe quality of being commutable.
GeneralinestabilitatThe quality of being changeable
Anglèscommutability, transmutability
Espanyolconmutabilidad, transmutabilidad
Adjectiusconvertible, transformable, transmutablecapable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy

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