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NOMcognitionarqueologiathe branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures
Català > arqueologia: 1 sentit > nom 1, cognition
SentitThe branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures.
Categoria deanastilosisThe archeological reassembly of ruined monuments from fallen or decayed fragments (incorporating new materials when necessary)
civilització, culturaA particular society at a particular time and place
cultura clovisThe Paleo-American culture of Central America and North America
edat de pedra, Edat de pedra, Edat de Pedra(archeology) the earliest known period of human culture, characterized by the use of stone implements
edat del bronze(archeology) a period between the Stone and Iron Ages, characterized by the manufacture and use of bronze tools and weapons
edat del ferro(archeology) the period following the Bronze Age
excavacióThe site of an archeological exploration
tumul, túmul(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs
Específicarqueologia submarinaThe archeology of underwater sites
assiriologiaarcheology of the ancient Assyrians
egiptologiaarcheology of ancient Egyptian artifacts
paleoclimatologiaThe study of the climate of past ages
paleoetnografiaThe ethnography of paleolithic humans
paleogeografiaThe study of the geography of ancient times or ancient epochs
paleografiaThe study of ancient forms of writing (and the deciphering of them)
paleologiaThe study of (especially prehistoric) antiquities
paleopatologiaThe study of disease of former times (as inferred / inferred / inferred from fossil evidence)
protohistòriaThe study humans prior to the invention of writing
sumeriologiaThe archeology of ancient Sumerians
GeneralantropologiaThe social science that studies the origins / origins and social relationships of human beings
Anglèsarcheology, archaeology
Adjectiusarqueològicrelated to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology
NomsarqueòlegAn anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture

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