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NOMBREbodysistema nervioso, systema nervosumthe sensory and control apparatus consisting of a network of nerve cells
Español > sistema nervioso: 1 sentido > nombre 1, body
SentidoThe sensory and control apparatus consisting of a network of nerve cells.
Sinónimosystema nervosum
Part decuerpo, estructura física, estructura orgánicaThe entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being)
Partescélula nerviosa, células nerviosas, neuronaA cell that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses
fascículoA bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)
ganglio, ganglio nerviosoAn encapsulated neural structure consisting of a collection of cell bodies or neurons
sistema nervioso autónomoThe part of the nervous system of vertebrates that controls involuntary actions of the smooth muscles and heart and glands
sistema nervioso central, SNC, systema nervosum centraleThe portion of the vertebrate nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord
sistema nervioso periférico, systema nervosum periphericumThe section of the nervous system lying outside the brain and spinal cord
tejido nerviosotissue composed of neurons
Específicosistema nervioso parasimpáticooriginates in the brain stem and lower part of the spinal cord
sistema nervioso simpáticooriginates in the thoracic regions of the spinal cord
Generalaparato, sistemaA group of physiologically or anatomically related organs or parts
Inglésnervous system, systema nervosum
Catalánsistema nerviós, systema nervosum
Adjetivonervioso, neuralOf or relating to the nervous system

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