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NOMBREanimalreino protoctista, Protoctista, protoctistasin most modern classifications, replacement for the Protista
Español > reino protoctista: 1 sentido > nombre 1, animal
SentidoIn most modern classifications, replacement for the Protista; includes.
SinónimosProtoctista, protoctistas
MiembrosProtozoa, protozoosIn some classifications considered a superphylum or a subkingdom
clorófitoslarge division of chiefly freshwater eukaryotic algae that possess chlorophyll ... / chlorophyll a and b, store food as starch, and cellulose cell walls
criptofita, filo CryptophytaA phylum in the kingdom Protoctista
división Euglenophyta, euglenófitos, Euglenophytafree-swimming flagellate algae
protoctista, ProtoctistaAny of the unicellular protists
protoctistasAny genus of Protoctista
protoctistasAny of the families of Protoctista
protoctistasThe order of protoctists
rodófitosLower plants
GeneralreinoThe highest taxonomic group into which organisms are grouped
InglésProtoctista, kingdom Protoctista

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