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NOMBREshapeforma poligonal, polígonoa closed plane figure bounded by straight sides
Español > forma poligonal: 1 sentido > nombre 1, shape
SentidoA closed plane figure bounded by straight sides.
Específicocuadrilátero, quadrangle, tetrágonoA four-sided polygon
decágonoA polygon with 10 sides and 10 angles
dodecágonoA twelve-sided polygon
endecágono, undecagon, undecágonoAn eleven-sided polygon
eneágono, nonágonoA nine-sided polygon
exágono, hexágonoA six-sided polygon
heptágonoA seven-sided polygon
isógonoAn equiangular polygon
octágono, octógonoAn eight-sided polygon
pentágonoA five-sided polygon
polígono convexoA polygon such that no side extended cuts any other side or vertex
polígono cóncavoA polygon such that there is a straight line that cuts it in four or more points
polígono esféricoA figure on the surface of a sphere bounded by arcs of 3 or more great circles
triángulo, trilateralA three-sided polygon
Generalfigura bidimensional, figura planaA two-dimensional shape
Ingléspolygon, polygonal shape
Catalánforma poligonal, polígon
AdjetivopoligonalHaving many sides or relating to a surface marked by polygons

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