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English > 1 sense of the word womanishness:
NOUNattributewomanishness, effeminacy, effeminateness, sissiness, softness, unmanlinessthe trait of being effeminate (derogatory of a man)
English > womanishness: 1 sense > noun 1, attribute
MeaningThe trait of being effeminate (derogatory of a man).
Synonymseffeminacy, effeminateness, sissiness, softness, unmanliness
NarroweremasculationLoss of power and masculinity
Broaderfemininity, muliebrityThe trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women
Usage ofdisparagement, depreciation, derogationA communication that belittles somebody or something
Spanishafeminación, afeminamiento, pluma
Adjectiveswomanishhaving characteristics / characteristics associated with women and considered undesirable in men

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