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NOUNfoodtater, potato, white potato, Irish potato, murphy, spudan edible tuber native to South America
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English > tater: 1 sense > noun 1, food
MeaningAn edible tuber native to South America; a staple food of Ireland.
Synonymspotato, white potato, Irish potato, murphy, spud
Part ofpotato, white potato, white potato vine, Solanum tuberosumAnnual native to South America having underground stolons bearing edible starchy tubers
PartsjacketThe outer skin of a potato
NarrowerUruguay potatoSimilar to the common potato
baked potatopotato that has been cooked by baking it in an oven
french fries, french-fried potatoes, fries, chipsstrips of potato fried in deep fat
home fries, home-fried potatoesSliced pieces of potato fried in a pan until brown and crisp
mashed potatopotato that has been peeled and boiled and then mashed
Broaderroot vegetableAny of various fleshy edible underground roots or tubers
solanaceous vegetableAny of several fruits of plants of the family Solanaceae
starchesFoodstuff rich in natural starch (especially potatoes, rice, bread)
Spanishpapa, patata, tater
Catalancreïlla, murphy, patata, tater

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