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English > 1 sense of the expression suborder Odontoceti:
NOUNanimalsuborder Odontoceti, Odontocetitoothed whales
English > suborder Odontoceti: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
Meaningtoothed whales: dolphins; porpoises; sperm whales; beaked whales.
Member ofCetacea, order CetaceaAn order of Eutheria
MembersDelphinidae, family Delphinidaedolphins
Physeteridae, family Physeteridaesperm whales
Platanistidae, family Platanistidaeriver dolphins
Ziphiidae, family Ziphiidae, Hyperodontidae, family Hyperodontidaebeaked whales
toothed whaleAny of several whales having simple conical teeth and feeding on fish etc.
Broaderanimal orderThe order of animals
SpanishOdontoceti, odontocetos, suborden
CatalanOdontoceti, Odontocet, odontocets

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