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English > 1 sense of the expression male genital organ:
NOUNbodymale genital organ, male genitalia, male genitals, family jewelsexternal male sex organs
English > male genital organ: 1 sense > noun 1, body
Meaningexternal male sex organs.
Synonymsmale genitalia, male genitals, family jewels
Part ofmale bodyThe body of a male human being
male reproductive systemThe reproductive system of males
Partsmale reproductive glandThe reproductive organs of a man
penis, phallus, memberThe male organ of copulation ('member' is a euphemism)
scrotumThe external pouch that contains the testes
testis, testicle, orchis, ball, ballock, bollock, nut, eggOne of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens
Broadergenitalia, genital organ, genitals, private parts, privates, crotchexternal sex organ
Spanishgenitales masculinos
Catalangenitals masculins

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