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Version 3.1 of the HyperDic hyper-dictionary, first published in 2012, covers the 147,478 English words from the Princeton WordNet 3.1 database, with all their different word senses and semantic relations. This version still builds on the popular features of HyperDic from 2001, augmented with enhancements from the later versions.

In november 2016, HyperDic was updated with data from the 2016 release of the Spanish and Catalan wordnets, from the Multilingual Central Repository (MCR). This release doubled the size of the Spanish wordnet, bringing the number of Spanish words up to 88,903, while the coverage of the Catalan wordnet was expanded to 65,762 Catalan words. The Spanish and Catalan synonym sets were mapped from WordNet 3.0 to Wordnet 3.1, through our sense-key based mapping, freely available since 2012 at http://www.hyperdic.net/download/wn30map31.zip.

In the previous version, in 2012, HyperDic was updated with the Princeton WordNet 3.1 databases. The Spanish and Catalan data was expanded with wordnets from the Multilingual Central Repository (MCR), covering 36,347 Spanish and 46,335 Catalan words, mapped from WordNet 3.0 to Wordnet 3.1 through a sense-keys based WordNet mapping. This mapping was published at http://www.hyperdic.net/download/wn30map31.zip, under the terms of the free CC-BY license.

The previous version 3.0 of the HyperDic, introduced some new features:

Open Search Installation

You can now use the link labelled "Install", next to the WordSense search button, to install HyperDic search directly in your browser. This feature is supported by almost all newer browsers.

Semantically tagged definitions

The word definitions (or glosses) now include hyperlinks to the disambiguated word senses, derived from the Princeton WordNet Gloss Corpus (© 2008 Princeton University).

Spanish and Catalan

HyperDic 3.0 integrated approx. 5000 core Spanish and Catalan wordsets from the short versions of the Spanish and the Catalan WordNets in the Global WordNet Association Grid.

These wordsets were originally linked to WordNet 1.6, but here, they were remapped to WordNet 3.0, and automatically interlinked through the newer WordNet relations.

Relation labels

Already in the first version, HyperDic introduced new relation labels like Broader/Narrower instead of Hypernyms/Hyponyms, in order to make these concepts easier to understand. This trend continued in HyperDic 2, where a number of small relations across different parts of speech were relabelled with the grammatical category of the target words.

Now, in version 3, the Head/Satellite relation for adjectives has been relabelled Broader/Narrower, in analogy with the Hypernym relation. This can potentially lead to a deeper adjective hierarchy, which would bring the semantic organisation of adjectives more in line with the nouns and verbs.

Page layout

Next to each related word, HyperDic now shows a short definition. This helps the reader to distinguish between different senses of the same word, and better choose which links to follow.

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