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English > 1 sense of the expression dilleniid dicot genus:
NOUNplantdilleniid dicot genusgenus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
English > dilleniid dicot genus: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
Meaninggenus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs.
Member ofDilleniidae, subclass DilleniidaeA group of families of more or less advanced trees and shrubs and herbs having either polypetalous or gamopetalous corollas and often with ovules attached to the walls of the ovary
NarrowerAbelmoschus, genus Abelmoschusgenus of tropical coarse herbs having large lobed leaves and often yellow flowers
Abutilon, genus Abutilonherbs or shrubs or small trees
Actinidia, genus Actinidiasmall Asiatic woody vine bearing many-seeded fruit
Adansonia, genus Adansoniabaobab
Adlumia, genus AdlumiaOne species
Aethionema, genus AethionemaOld World genus of the family Cruciferae
Alcea, genus Alceagenus of erect herbs of the Middle East having showy flowers
Alliaria, genus AlliariaA genus of herbs of the family Cruciferae
Alyssum, genus AlyssumA genus of the family Cruciferae
Anastatica, genus AnastaticaOne species
Arabidopsis, genus ArabidopsisA genus of the mustard family having white or yellow or purplish flowers
Arabis, genus Arabisannual to perennial woody herbs of temperate North America, Europe and Asia
Arceuthobium, genus Arceuthobiumgenus of chiefly American plants parasitic on conifers
Arctostaphylos, genus Arctostaphylosbearberry
Aristotelia, genus Aristoteliasmall genus of shrubs or small trees of Australia and New Zealand and western South America
Armoracia, genus Armoraciahorseradish
Astroloma, genus Astrolomaevergreen shrubs of Australia and Tasmania
Barbarea, genus Barbareabiennial or perennial herbs of north temperate regions
Berteroa, genus Berteroahoary alyssum
Biscutella, genus Biscutellagenus of Eurasian herbs and small shrubs
Bombax, genus BombaxTrees of chiefly South America
Brachychiton, genus BrachychitonAustralian trees (usually with swollen trunks)
Brassica, genus Brassicamustards
Bruckenthalia, genus BruckenthaliaA genus containing only one species
Cakile, genus Cakilesmall genus of succulent annual herbs found on sandy shores of North America and Europe
Callirhoe, genus Callirhoesmall genus of North American herbs having usually red or purple flowers
Calluna, genus CallunaOne species
Calophyllum, genus Calophyllumgenus of tropical evergreen trees
Camelina, genus Camelina, false flaxannual and biennial herbs of Mediterranean to central Asia
Capparis, genus CapparisTropical or subtropical evergreen shrubs or small trees
Capsella, genus Capsellashepherd's purse
Cardamine, genus Cardaminebittercress, bitter cress
Carica, genus Caricatype genus of the Caricaceae
Caryocar, genus Caryocartype genus of the Caryocaraceae
Cassiope, genus CassiopeLow tufted evergreen shrubs of colder parts of north temperate regions having moss-like foliage and nodding white or pink flowers
Ceiba, genus CeibaTropical American trees with palmately compound leaves and showy bell-shaped flowers
Chamaedaphne, genus ChamaedaphneOne species
Cheiranthus, genus CheiranthusOld World perennial plants grown for their showy flowers
Chelidonium, genus ChelidoniumOne species
Chimaphila, genus Chimaphilasmall genus of evergreen herbs with long creeping rootstocks / rootstocks and shining leaves
Cistus, genus Cistussmall to medium-sized evergreen shrubs of southern Europe and North Africa
Cochlearia, genus CochleariaA genus of the family Cruciferae
Cola, genus Colalarge genus of African trees bearing kola nuts
Comandra, genus Comandrasmall genus of chiefly North American parasitic plants
Corchorus, genus Corchoruswidely distributed genus of tropical herbs or subshrubs
Corydalis, genus Corydalisannual or perennial herbs of Himalayan China and South Africa
Crambe, genus Crambeannual or perennial herbs with large leaves that resemble the leaves of cabbages
Crateva, genus CratevaTropical genus of small trees or shrubs
Daboecia, genus DaboeciaA dicotyledonous genus of the family Ericaceae
Dendromecon, genus DendromeconOne species
Dentaria, genus Dentariausually included in genus Cardamine
Descurainia, genus DescurainiaIncludes annual or biennial herbs of America and Europe very similar to and often included among those of genera ... / genera Sisymbrium or Hugueninia
Dicentra, genus DicentraNorth American and Asian herbs with divided leaves and irregular flowers
Diplotaxis, genus Diplotaxiswall rocket
Dovyalis, genus Dovyalissmall genus of sometimes spiny shrubs or small trees
Durio, genus DurioA genus of tall Asian trees of the family Bombacaceae
Elaeocarpus, genus Elaeocarpustype genus of the family Elaeocarpaceae
Entelea, genus EnteleaA genus of evergreen shrub that grows in New Zealand
Epigaea, genus Epigaeasmall creeping evergreen shrubs
Eruca, genus Erucaannual to perennial herbs of the Mediterranean region
Erysimum, genus Erysimumlarge genus of annual or perennial herbs some grown for their flowers and some for their attractive evergreen leaves
Eschscholtzia, genus Eschscholtziashowy herbs of western North America
Eucarya, genus Eucarya, Fusanus, genus Fusanusquandong trees
Firmiana, genus Firmianasmall genus of Asian trees or shrubs
Flacourtia, genus FlacourtiaOften spiny trees or shrubs of tropical Asia and Africa
Fouquieria, genus Fouquieriaresinous succulent trees or shrubs of desert and semidesert regions / regions of southwestern United States that are leafless most of the year
Fremontodendron, genus Fremontodendron, Fremontia, genus Fremontiaflannelbush
Fumaria, genus Fumariaannual herbs whose flowers have only one petal spurred at the base
Garcinia, genus Garciniaevergreen trees and shrubs
Gaultheria, genus Gaultheriawidely distributed genus of creeping or upright evergreen shrubs
Gaylussacia, genus Gaylussaciadeciduous or evergreen shrubs of North America
Glaucium, genus Glauciumherbs of Europe and North Africa and Asia
Gossypium, genus Gossypiumherbs and shrubs and small trees
Grewia, genus GrewiaA genus of tropical and subtropical Old World climbers or shrubs or trees
Helicteres, genus Helicteresgenus of shrubs and small trees of tropical America and Asia having cylindrical fruits spirally twisted around one another
Heritiera, genus Heritiera, Terrietia, genus Terrietiasmall genus of timber trees of eastern Asia, Australasia and tropical Africa that form large buttresses
Hermannia, genus Hermanniagenus of African herbs and subshrubs having honey-scented bell-shaped flowers
Hesperis, genus Hesperisbiennial or perennial erect herbs having nocturnally fragrant flowers
Hibbertia, genus Hibbertiaevergreen heathlike or scandent shrubs of Madagascar / Madagascar
Hoheria, genus Hoheriasmall genus of shrubs and small trees of New Zealand
Hudsonia, genus Hudsoniasmall evergreen subshrubs of North America
Hugueninia, genus HugueniniaOne species
Hunnemannia, genus HunnemaniaOne species
Hybanthus, genus HybanthusA genus of herbs and small shrubs with white or purple flowers
Hydnocarpus, genus Hydnocarpus, Taraktagenos, genus Taraktagenos, Taraktogenos, genus TaraktogenosMedium to large Indonesian and Malaysian trees
Hymenanthera, genus HymenantheraA genus of slender evergreen shrubs
Hypericum, genus Hypericumlarge almost cosmopolitan genus of evergreen or deciduous shrubs and herbs with often showy yellow flowers
Hypopitys, genus HypopitysTerm used in some classifications for the pinesaps, which are usually included in the genus Monotropa
Iberis, genus Iberis(Old World herbs and subshrubs) candytuft
Iliamna, genus Iliamnasmall genus of perennial herbs or subshrubs
Isatis, genus Isatis(Old World genus of annual to perennial herbs) woad
Kiggelaria, genus Kiggelariasmall genus of South African shrubs or small trees
Kosteletzya, genus Kosteletzyasmall genus of herbs of southeastern United States and tropical America and Africa
Lavatera, genus Lavaterawidespread genus of herbs or softwood arborescent shrubs cultivated for their showy flowers
Ledum, genus Ledumevergreen shrubs of north temperate regions
Leiophyllum, genus LeiophyllumOne species
Lepidium, genus Lepidiumcosmopolitan genus of annual and biennial and perennial herbs
Lesquerella, genus Lesquerellagenus of low-growing hairy herbs
Lobularia, genus Lobulariasweet alyssum
Loiseleuria, genus LoiseleuriaOne species
Loranthus, genus Loranthustype genus of the Loranthaceae
Lunaria, genus Lunariasmall genus of European herbs
Lyonia, genus Lyoniaevergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees of United States to Antilles and eastern Asia to the Himalaya
Macleaya, genus MacleayaA perennial herb of eastern Asia
Malacothamnus, genus Malacothamnusgenus of shrubs or small trees
Malcolmia, genus Malcolmiagenus of plants usually found in coastal / coastal habitats
Malva, genus Malvaherbs and subshrubs
Malvastrum, genus Malvastrumgenus of mallows characterized by red and yellow flowers often placed in other genera
Malvaviscus, genus Malvaviscussmall genus of shrubs of Central and South America
Mammea, genus MammeaAmerican and Asiatic trees having edible one-seeded fruit
Matthiola, genus Matthiolagenus of Old World plants grown as ornamentals
Meconopsis, genus Meconopsisherbs almost entirely / entirely of mountains of China and Tibet
Melicytus, genus MelicytusA genus of deciduous shrubs or trees
Mentzelia, genus Mentzeliagenus of bristly herbs or subshrubs of western America lacking stinging hairs
Menziesia, genus Menziesiadeciduous shrubs of North America and eastern Asia
Mesua, genus Mesuagenus of tropical Asiatic trees having large solitary flowers
Moneses, genus MonesesOne species
Monotropa, genus Monotropaleafless fleshy saprophytic plants
Muntingia, genus MuntingiaOne species
Myricaria, genus Myricariasmall genus of deciduous shrubs or subshrubs of southern Europe to Siberia and China
Napaea, genus NapaeaOne species
Nasturtium, genus Nasturtiumaquatic herbs
Nuytsia, genus NuytsiaOne species
Ochna, genus Ochnatype genus of Ochnaceae
Ochroma, genus OchromaOne species
Orthilia, genus OrthiliaA shrubby perennial rhizomatous evergreen herb
Oxydendrum, genus Oxydendrumsourwood
Papaver, genus Papavertype genus of the Papaveraceae
Passiflora, genus Passifloratype genus of the Passifloraceae
Phoradendron, genus PhoradendronAny of various American parasitic plants similar to Old World mistletoe
Phyllodoce, genus Phyllodocesmall genus of evergreen Arctic and alpine shrubs
Physaria, genus Physariasmall genus of western North American herbs similar to Lesquerella
Pieris, genus Pierisdecorative evergreen shrubs of woody vines
Plagianthus, genus Plagianthussmall genus of shrubs and trees of Australia and New Zealand
Platystemon, genus PlatystemonOne species
Polanisia, genus Polanisiawidely distributed herbs having palmate leaves and creamy white to or pink to magenta flowers with many stamens of unequal length
Pritzelago, genus Pritzelagochamois cress
Pseudobombax, genus PseudobombaxTropical American deciduous shrubs or small trees
Pterospermum, genus Pterospermumgenus of tropical Asian trees and shrubs
Pyrularia, genus Pyrulariasmall genus of chiefly Asiatic parasitic shrubs
Pyxidanthera, genus PyxidantheraOne species
Radyera, genus RadyeraVery small genus of shrubs of southern hemisphere
Raphanus, genus Raphanusradish
Richea, genus Richeaevergreen trees or shrubs of mountains of Australia and Tasmania
Romneya, genus RomneyaOne species
Rorippa, genus Rorippaannual and perennial herbs of damp habitats
Sanguinaria, genus SanguinariaOne species
Santalum, genus SantalumParasitic trees of Indonesia and Malaysia
Sarcodes, genus Sarcodessnow plant
Shorea, genus Shoreagenus of Indonesian and Malaysian timber trees rich in resin
Sida, genus Sidalarge genus of tropical subshrubs or herbs some of which yield fibers of mucilaginous substances
Sidalcea, genus Sidalceagenus of showy plants of western North America having palmate leaves and variously colored racemose flowers
Sinapis, genus Sinapissmall genus of Old World herbs usually included in genus Brassica
Sloanea, genus Sloaneagenus of tropical hardwood timber trees
Sparmannia, genus Sparmanniasmall genus of tropical African shrubs
Sphaeralcea, genus Sphaeralcealarge genus of chiefly tropical herbs with showy flowers and mostly globose fruits
Stanleya, genus Stanleyaprince's plume
Stephanomeria, genus Stephanomeriamalheur wire lettuce
Stylomecon, genus StylomeconOne species
Stylophorum, genus Stylophorumwood poppies
Styphelia, genus StypheliaAustralian heathlike shrubs
Subularia, genus Subulariasmall genus of herbs of north temperate regions and mountains of tropical Africa
Tamarix, genus Tamarixgenus of deciduous shrubs or small trees of eastern Mediterranean regions and tropical Asia
Tarrietia, genus Tarrietiasmall genus of east Asian and Australian timber trees
Theobroma, genus Theobromacacao plants
Thespesia, genus ThespesiaA small genus of tropical trees including the portia tree
Thlaspi, genus Thlaspiherbs of temperate regions
Thysanocarpus, genus Thysanocarpussmall genus of herbs of upland regions / regions of the Pacific coast of North America
Tilia, genus Tiliadeciduous trees with smooth usually silver-grey bark of North America and Europe and Asia
Triplochiton, genus Triplochitonsmall genus of tropical African trees with maplelike leaves
Turritis, genus TurritisClosely related to and often included in genus Arabis
Vaccinium, genus Vacciniumevergreen or deciduous berry-bearing shrubs of northern hemisphere
Vesicaria, genus Vesicariasmall genus of chiefly Mediterranean herbs
Viola, genus Violalarge genus of flowering herbs of temperate regions
Viscum, genus Viscumtype genus of the Viscaceae
genus Althaeahollyhocks
genus Andromedalow-growing shrubs of northern regions of northern hemisphere
genus Arbutuslarge evergreen shrubs and trees of southern Europe and western North America
genus Argemoneprickly poppies
genus Begonialarge genus of tropical succulent plants widely cultivated
genus BocconiaTropical American trees or shrubs closely related to genus Macleaya
genus BryanthusA genus allied to and once included in genus Phyllodoce
genus Buckleyasmall genus of Asiatic and American parasitic shrubs
genus CamelliaTropical Asiatic evergreen shrubs or small trees
genus CanellaOne species
genus Cleome, CleomeTropical and subtropical annual or perennial herbs or low shrubs
genus ClusiaTropical American aromatic trees or shrubs
genus Diapensiatype genus of Diapensiaceae
genus DilleniaEast Indian and Australian shrubs and trees having panicles of large white or yellow flowers
genus Dombeyagenus of African shrubs or small trees
genus Drabalarge genus of low tufted herbs of temperate and Arctic regions
genus Epacristype genus of the Epacridaceae
genus Ericalarge genus of low much-branched woody evergreens ranging from prostrate subshrubs to trees
genus Galaxevergreen herbs of southeastern United States
genus Helianthemumwidely distributed evergreen or semi-evergreen shrublets
genus Heliophilagenus of South African flowering herbs and subshrubs
genus Hibiscuslarge genus of tropical and subtropical herbs and shrubs and trees often grown as ornamentals for their profusion of large flowers in a variety of colors
genus IdesiaOne species
genus KalmiaErect evergreen shrubs
genus LeucothoeAmerican and Asiatic deciduous and evergreen shrubs
genus Loasagenus of tropical American prickly herbs or subshrubs
genus Malopesmall genus of chiefly European herbs / herbs
genus MontezumaOne species
genus Pavoniagenus of tropical hairy shrubs or herbs of tropics and subtropics especially South America
genus Pyrolashort-stemmed perennial herbs of cool or temperate regions
genus Reseda(Old World genus of herbs having racemose flowers) mignonette
genus Rhododendronlarge genus of evergreen shrubs native to cooler regions of the northern hemisphere having showy flowers
genus Schizopetalonsmall genus of South American herbs grown for its flowers
genus Shortiaevergreen perennial herbs of North America and eastern Asia
genus Sisymbriumgenus of Old World annual or biennial or perennial herbs with racemose flowers
genus Sterculiatype genus of the Sterculiaceae
genus Xylosmagenus of tropical American and Asiatic spiny evergreen trees and shrubs
subgenus Azalea, Azaleastrum, subgenus Azaleastrumgroup of evergreen or deciduous shrubs formerly considered a separate genus
Broaderdicot genus, magnoliopsid genusgenus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Spanishdilleniid dicot genus
Catalandilleniid dicot genus

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