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Català > 1 sentit de la paraula gentianales / Gentianales:
NOMplantgentianales / Gentianalesan order of dicotyledonous plants having gamopetalous flowers
Català > gentianales / Gentianales: 1 sentit > nom 1, plant
SentitAn order of dicotyledonous plants having gamopetalous flowers; Gentianaceae; Apocynaceae; Asclepiadaceae; Loganiaceae; Oleaceae; Salvadoraceae.
Membre deMagnoliopsidaComprising seed plants that produce an embryo with paired cotyledons and net-veined leaves
MembresAsclepiadaceaewidely distributed family of herbs and shrubs of the order Gentianales
Gentianaceaechiefly herbaceous plants with showy flowers
LoganiàciaA dicotyledonous family of plants of order Gentianales
OleaceaeTrees and shrubs having berries or drupes or capsules as fruits
apocinàcia, Apocynaceaechiefly tropical trees or shrubs or herbs having milky juice and often showy flowers
meniantàcia, MenyanthaceaeA dicotyledonous family of marsh plants of order Gentianales
GeneralplantesThe order of plants
AnglèsGentianales, order Gentianales

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