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Català > 1 sentit de la paraula cera:
NOMsubstanceceraany of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin
Català > cera: 1 sentit > nom 1, substance
SentitAny of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin; they are solid at normal temperatures and insoluble in water.
Específiccandelilla, cera de candelillaA hard brown wax that occurs as a coating / coating on candelilla / candelilla shrubs
carnauba, cera de carnauba, cera del Brasil, cera del carnaúbaHard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes
cera d'abella, cera d'abelles, cerutA yellow to brown wax secreted by honeybees to build honeycombs
cera de les orelles, cerumenA soft yellow wax secreted by glands in the ear canal
cera del JapóA yellow wax obtained from sumac berries
cera montanaA hard wax obtained from lignite
cera vegetalA waxy substance obtained from plants (especially from the trunks of certain palms)
ceresinaA white wax extracted from ozokerite
espermacetiA white waxy substance from oil of the sperm whale
parafinaFrom crude petroleum
Generallipid, lípid, lipoideAn oily organic compound insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents
Adjectiusceri, cerósmade of or covered with wax
VerbsencerarCover with wax

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