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NOUNplantZygophyllaceae, family Zygophyllaceae, bean-caper familysmall trees, shrubs, and herbs of warm arid and saline regions
English > Zygophyllaceae: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
Meaningsmall trees, shrubs, and herbs of warm arid and saline regions; often resinous; some poisonous: genera Zygophyllum, Tribulus, Guaiacum, Larrea.
Synonymsfamily Zygophyllaceae, bean-caper family
Member ofGeraniales, order GeranialesAn order of plants of subclass Rosidae including geraniums and many other plants
MembersBulnesia, genus Bulnesiapalo santo
Guaiacum, genus Guaiacumsmall genus of evergreen resinous trees or shrubs of warm and tropical America
Larrea, genus Larreaxerophytic evergreen shrubs
Tribulus, genus TribulusAnnual or perennial herbs or subshrubs of warm regions
Zygophyllum, genus Zygophyllumusually tropical herbs or shrubs having ill-smelling foliage and flower buds that are used as capers
Broaderrosid dicot familyA family of dicotyledonous plants
Catalanzigofil·làcia, zigofil·làcies, Zygophyllaceae

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