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English > 1 sense of the expression rye grass:
NOUNplantrye grass, ryegrassany of several annual or perennial Eurasian grasses
English > rye grass: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
MeaningAny of several annual or perennial Eurasian grasses.
Member ofLolium, genus Loliumdarnel
NarrowerItalian ryegrass, Italian rye, Lolium multiflorumEuropean grass much used for hay and in United States also for turf and green manure
darnel, tare, bearded darnel, cheat, Lolium temulentumweedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land
perennial ryegrass, English ryegrass, Lolium perenneEuropean perennial grass widely cultivated for pasture and hay and as a lawn grass
BroadergrassNarrow-leaved green herbage
Spanishballico, joyo, lolium
Catalanlolium, margall

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