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English > 1 sense of the word enquirer:
NOUNperson enquirer, inquirer, questioner, querier, askersomeone who asks a question
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English > enquirer: 1 sense > noun 1, person
Meaningsomeone who asks a question.
Synonymsinquirer, questioner, querier, asker
Narrowercross-examiner, cross-questionersomeone who questions a witness carefully (especially about testimony given earlier)
examiner, tester, quizzersomeone who administers a test to determine your qualifications
inquisitor, interrogatorA questioner who is excessively harsh / harsh
interviewerA person who conducts an interview
pollster, poll taker, headcounter, canvassersomeone who conducts surveys of public opinion
Broaderspeaker, talker, utterer, verbalizer, verbalisersomeone who expresses in language
Spanishasker, interrogador, querier
Catalanasker, interrogador
Verbsenquireaddress a question to and expect an answer from
enquireconduct an inquiry or investigation of

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