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You may freely place links from your website to any page on the hyperdic.net site.

Link to HyperDic

Here are some examples of possible ways you could link to HyperDic:

Permanent sense anchors

Additionally, HyperDic now has permanent links to individual word senses, based on WordNet's sense keys, which do not change between different versions of WordNet.

Thus, you can also tag your web pages with more specific links to the relevant sense of a word, for example can, canful (The quantity contained in a can).

As another example, you may want to distinguish between London (The capital and largest city of England), and London (United States writer of novels).

This approach provides a stable API (Application Programming Interface) for semantic web applications that rely on other versions of WordNet, as 98% of the 173,941 sense keys present in Wordnet 1.6 were still valid in WordNet 2.0 (3 versions and 5 years later), while only 2% had been moved, removed or corrected.

Embed HyperDic

If you want to allow your readers to do HyperDic lookups directly from your web page, you may freely copy the HTML code of our searchbox, and put it on any of your web pages:

<form method="get" action="http://www.hyperdic.net/cgi-bin/dic">
<input type="text" name="q" id="q" />
<input type="submit" value="HyperDic" />

Similarly, you may also freely copy the alphabetical dictionary bar that appears below the searchbox.

Reciprocal links

Feel free to contact us about exchanging links, but please understand that we will not link to a site without previously reviewing its' contents. Since we usually do not have much time to visit other web sites, we will probably not be able to link back to you.

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