HyperDic: the_great_unwashed

English > 1 sense of the expression the great unwashed:
NOUNgroupthe great unwashed, multitude, masses, mass, hoi polloi, peoplethe common people generally
English > the great unwashed: 1 sense > noun 1, group
MeaningThe common people generally.
Synonymsmultitude, masses, mass, hoi polloi, people
NarroweraudienceThe part of the general public interested in a source of information or entertainment
following, followersA group of followers or enthusiasts
laity, temporaltyIn Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy
Broadergroup, groupingAny number of entities (members) considered as a unit
Spanishgente, masa, masas, multitud, plebe, populacho, pueblo, vulgo
Catalangent, massa, masses, multitud, poble

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