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English > 1 sense of the expression genus Silene:
NOUNplantgenus Silenelarge widely distributed genus of plants having mostly showy flowers of various colors
English > genus Silene: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
Meaninglarge widely distributed genus of plants having mostly showy flowers of various colors: campion; catchfly.
Member ofCaryophyllaceae, family Caryophyllaceae, carnation family, pink familylarge family of herbs or subshrubs (usually with stems swollen at the nodes)
Membersfire pink, Silene virginicaperennial herb of eastern North America, having red flowers with narrow notched petals
moss campion, Silene acaulistuft- or mat-forming dwarf perennial of Arctic regions / regions of western and central Europe and North America
red campion, red bird's eye, Silene dioica, Lychnis dioicabiennial European catchfly having red or pink flowers
silene, campion, catchflyAny plant of the genus Silene
white campion, evening lychnis, white cockle, bladder campion, Silene latifolia, Lychnis albabluish-green herb having sticky stems and clusters of large evening-opening white flowers with much-inflated calyx
wild pink, Silene carolinianaperennial of eastern and central North America having short-stalked pink or white flowers in hairy clusters
Broadercaryophylloid dicot genusgenus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Spanishgenus silene
Catalangenus silene

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