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Català > 1 sentit de la paraula compondre's:
VERBbodycompondre's, empolainar-se, empolistrar-secare for one's external appearance
Català > compondre's: 1 sentit > verb 1, body
Sentitcare for one's external appearance.
Sinònimsempolainar-se, empolistrar-se
Específicabillar-se, empolainar-seDress and groom with particular care, as for a special occasion
afaitar-se, afaitar, rapar, rasurar-se, rasurarRemove body hair with a razor
arranjar, arreglar, empolainar-se, empolistrar-se, endiumenjar-searrange attractively
arreglar-se, empolainar-seUse special care in dressing, making-up , etc.
fer-se la pedicuracare for one's feet by cutting and shaping the nails, etc.
fer la manicuracare for (one's hand) by cutting and shaping the nails, etc.
fer la toaleta, netejar-se, rentar-seclean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing
maquillar-se, maquillarapply make-up or cosmetics to one's face to appear prettier
pentinarsmoothen and neaten with or as with a comb
perfumar-se, perfumarapply perfume / perfume to
Generaladornar, decorar, embellirmake more beautiful
Anglèsgroom, neaten
Espanyolacicalarse, almohazar, arreglarse, cuidarse, sobrehilar

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