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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra pulular:
VERBOchangepulular, brotar, germinar, nacerproduce buds, branches, or germinate
stativepulular, acechar, dar vueltas, demorarse, entretenerse, holgazanear, merodear, perder el tiempo, permanecer, quedarse, vagarbe about
stativepulular, hormiguearbe teeming, be abuzz
changepulularbecome abundant
bodypulularbreed freely and abundantly
Español > pulular: 5 sentidos > verbo 1, change
Sentidoproduce buds, branches, or germinate.
Sinónimosbrotar, germinar, nacer
Generalcrecer, cultivarincrease in size by natural process
SimilargerminarCause to grow or sprout
Inglésshoot, spud, germinate, pullulate, bourgeon, burgeon forth, sprout
Catalánapuntar, brollar, brostar, brotar, créixer, germinar, grillar, nàixer, néixer, rebrollar, rebrostar, rebrotar, rellucar, treure
Nombresbrote, retoño, vástagoA new branch
brote, retoñoAny new growth of a plant such as a new branch or a bud
col de BruselasA newly grown bud (especially from a germinating seed)
germenA small apparently simple structure (as a fertilized egg) from which new tissue can develop into a complete organism
germinaciónThe process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow
Español > pulular: 5 sentidos > verbo 2, stative
SentidoBe about.
Sinónimosacechar, dar vueltas, demorarse, entretenerse, holgazanear, merodear, perder el tiempo, permanecer, quedarse, vagar
Específicoaguaitar, merodear, rondarloiter about, with no apparent aim
Generalestar, serHave the quality of being
Inglésloiter, lounge, footle, lollygag, loaf, lallygag, hang around, mess about, tarry, linger, lurk, mill about, mill around
Catalándemorar-se, dropejar, entretenir-se, gandulejar, pul·lular, voltar
Nombresdallier, remolón, roncerosomeone who wastes time
rezagadosomeone who lingers aimlessly in or about a place
Español > pulular: 5 sentidos > verbo 3, stative
SentidoBe teeming, be abuzz.
GeneralzumbarBe noisy with activity
TambiénabundarExist in large quantity
Inglésteem, pullulate, swarm
Catalánabundar, formiguejar
Nombresenjambre, horda, manada, muchedumbre, nube, rebaño, tropelA moving crowd
enjambreA group of many things in the air or on the ground
Español > pulular: 5 sentidos > verbo 4, change
SentidoBecome abundant; increase rapidly.
Generalaumentar, crecer, elevar, incrementar, subirBecome bigger or greater in amount
Español > pulular: 5 sentidos > verbo 5, body
SentidoBreed freely and abundantly.
Generalcriar, multiplicarse, multiplicarhave young (animals) or reproduce (organisms)
Catalánexpandir-se, multiplicar-se, pul·lular

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