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Español > 1 sentido de l'expresión productor cinematográfico:
NOMBREperson productor cinematográfico, cienasta, cineasta, movie maker, productor de cine, productora producer of motion pictures
Español > productor cinematográfico: 1 sentido > nombre 1, person
SentidoA producer of motion pictures.
Sinónimoscienasta, cineasta, movie maker, productor de cine, productor
CasosAkira Kurosawa, KurosawaJapanese filmmaker noted for blending Japanese folklore with western styles of acting (1910-1998)
Allen, Allen Stewart Konigsberg, Woody AllenUnited States filmmaker and comic actor (1935-)
Andrei Arsenevich Tarkovsky, Andrei Tarkovsky, TarkovskyRussian filmmaker (1932-1986)
Andrzej WajdaPolish filmmaker (born in 1929)
Bernardo BertolucciItalian filmmaker (born in 1940)
Billy WilderUnited States filmmaker (born in Austria) whose dark humor infused many of the films he made (1906-2002)
Capra, Frank CapraUnited States film maker (1897-1991)
Cecil B. DeMille, Cecil Blount DeMilleUnited States film maker remembered for his extravagant and spectacular epic productions (1881-1959)
Charlie ChaplinEnglish comedian and film maker
Cocteau, Jean CocteauFrench writer and film maker who worked in many artistic media (1889-1963)
Coppola, Francis Ford CoppolaUnited States filmmaker (born in 1939)
D. W. GriffithUnited States film maker who was the first to use flashbacks and fade-outs (1875-1948)
Darryl Francis ZanuckUnited States filmmaker whose works include the first full-length feature film with sound sequences (1902-1979)
David Oliver Selznick, David O. SelznickUnited States filmmaker noted for his film adaptations of popular novels (1902-1965)
Disney, Walt Disney, Walter Elias DisneyUnited States film maker who pioneered animated cartoons and created such characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
Ernst LubitschGerman filmmaker of sophisticated comedies (1892-1947)
Federico Fellini, FelliniItalian filmmaker (1920-1993)
Ford, John FordUnited States film maker (1896-1973)
Francois Truffaut, TruffautFrench filmmaker (1932-1984)
Fred ZinnemannUnited States filmmaker (born in Austria) (1907-1997)
George Lucas, LucasUnited States screenwriter and filmmaker (born in 1944)
George Orson Welles, Orson Welles, WellesUnited States actor and filmmaker (1915-1985)
George Stevens, StevensUnited States filmmaker (1905-1975)
Godard, Jean Luc GodardFrench film maker influenced by surrealism
Howard Hughes, Howard Robard HughesUnited States industrialist who was an aviator and a film producer
Jacques TatiFrench filmmaker (1908-1982)
John HustonUnited States film maker born in the United States but an Irish citizen after 1964 (1906-1987)
Ken RussellEnglish film director (born in 1927)
Krzysztof KieslowskiPolish filmmaker who made ten films based on the Ten Commandments (1941-1996)
Kubrick, Stanley KubrickUnited States filmmaker (born in 1928)
Louis B. Mayer, Louis Burt MayerUnited States filmmaker (born in Russia) who founded his own film company and later merged with Samuel Goldwyn (1885-1957)
Luchino ViscontiItalian filmmaker (1906-1976)
Mack SennettUnited States filmmaker (born in Canada) noted for slapstick movies (1880-1960)
Martin Scorsese, ScorseseUnited States filmmaker (born in 1942)
Norman JewisonCanadian filmmaker (born in 1926)
Oliver StoneUnited States filmmaker (born in 1946)
Quentin Tarantino, TarantinoUnited States filmmaker (born in 1963)
Robert RedfordUnited States actor and filmmaker who starred with Paul Newman in several films (born in 1936)
Sam Goldwyn, Samuel GoldwynUnited States film maker (born in Poland) who founded his own film company and later merged with Louis B. Mayer (1882-1974)
Sergei EisensteinRussian film maker who pioneered the use of montage and is considered among the most influential film makers in the history of motion pictures (1898-1948)
Spielberg, Steven SpielbergUnited States filmmaker (born in 1947)
Spike LeeUnited States filmmaker whose works explore the richness of black culture in America (born in 1957)
Sydney PollackUnited States filmmaker (born in 1934)
Vittorio De SicaItalian film maker (1901-1974)
William Wyler, WylerUnited States filmmaker (1902-1981)
EspecíficoautorA filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works
director de cineThe person who directs the making of a film
Generalproductorsomeone who finds financing for and supervises the making and presentation of a show (play or film or program or similar work)
Inglésfilm maker, filmmaker, film producer, movie maker
Cataláncineasta, movie maker, productor cinematogràfic

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