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NOMBREgroupgrupo terrorista, organización terroristaa political movement that uses terror as a weapon to achieve its goals
Español > grupo terrorista: 1 sentido > nombre 1, group
SentidoA political movement that uses terror as a weapon to achieve its goals.
Sinónimoorganización terrorista
CategoríaterrorismoThe calculated use of violence (or the threat / threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature
CasosAbu SayyafA small gang of terrorist thugs claiming to seek a separate Islamic state for the Muslim minority in the Philippines
Al QaidaA terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support / support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups
Asociación en Defensa del Ulster, UDAThe major Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland
Aum, Aum ShinrikyoA terrorist organization whose goal is to take over Japan and then the world
Brigate RosseA Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization that arose out of a student protest movement in the late 1960s
ETAA terrorist organization organized in 1959 by student activists who were dissatisfied with the moderate nationalism of the traditional Basque party
Ejército Irlandés de Libreación NacionalA radical terrorist group dedicated to the removal of British forces from Northern Ireland and the unification of Ireland
Ejército Republicano Irlandés Provisional, Irish Republican ArmyA militant organization of Irish nationalists who used terrorism and guerilla warfare in an effort to drive British forces from Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland
Ejército Republicano Irlandés de la ContinuidadA terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein
FARCA powerful and wealthy terrorist organization formed in 1957 as the guerilla arm of the Colombian communist party
FatahA Palestinian political and military organization founded by Yasser Arafat in 1958 to work toward the creation of a Palestinian state
Frente Moro de Libración IslámicaA terrorist group in the southern Philippines formed in 1977 to establish an independent Islamic state for the Moros
Frente Revolucionario UnidoA terrorist group formed in the 1980s in Sierra Leone
HUAAn Islamic fundamentalist group in Pakistan that fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s
Hamas, HamásA militant Islamic fundamentalist political movement that opposes peace with Israel and uses terrorism as a weapon
Hezbolá, Hezbollah, Hizbollah, HizbullahA Shiite terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran
Hizb ut-TahrirThe most popular and feared Islamic extremist group in central Asia
Jayshullah, JayshullanAn indigenous Islamic terrorist group in Azerbaijan that attempted to bomb the United States embassy in 1999
Jemaah IslamiyahA clandestine group of southeast Asian terrorists organized in 1993 and trained by al-Qaeda
Jemeres rojos, Khmer RougeA communist organization formed in Cambodia in 1970
K.K.K., KKK, Ku Klux KlanA secret society of white Southerners in the United States
Lord's Resistance ArmyA quasi-religious rebel group in Uganda that terrorized / terrorized and raped women and kidnapped children who were forced to serve in the army
New People's ArmyA terrorist organization that is the militant wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines
Red Army FactionA Marxist and Maoist terrorist organization in Germany
Sendero LuminosoA terrorist group formed in Peru in the late 1960s as a splinter group from the communist party of Peru
pandilla del PentágonoA Filipino terrorist group that broke away from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in 2001 in order to continue terrorism and kidnapping and extortion
Generalmovimiento políticoA group of people working together to achieve a political goal
Inglésterrorist organization, terrorist group, foreign terrorist organization, FTO

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