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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra arremeter:
VERBOcompetitionarremeter, agreder, atacartake the initiative and go on the offensive
competitionarremeter, cargar, embestirto make a rush at or sudden attack upon, as in battle / battle
motionarremeter, arrancar, cargar, despedir, disparar, sacudirsemove quickly and violently
Español > arremeter: 3 sentidos > verbo 1, competition
SentidoTake the initiative and go on the offensive.
Sinónimosagreder, atacar
Específicoabordar, encarar, entrar, hacer una entradaseize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball
acosarExhaust by attacking repeatedly
comprobar, dar jaqueplace into check
Generalactuar, hacer, llevar a cabo, obrarPerform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
Similaragredir, asaltar, atacarlaunch an attack or assault on
Inglésattack, aggress
Adjetivoagresivo, belicoso, beligerantecharacteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight
Nombresagresiónviolent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked
agresiónThe act of initiating hostilities
agresora, agresor, asaltador, asaltante, atacantesomeone who attacks
arremetida, asalto, ataque(military) an offensive against an enemy / enemy (using weapons)
Español > arremeter: 3 sentidos > verbo 2, competition
SentidoTo make a rush at or sudden attack upon, as in battle / battle.
Sinónimoscargar, embestir
Ingléscharge, bear down
Catalánatacar, carregar, envestir, escometre
Nombresacometida, acometimiento, cargaAn impetuous rush toward someone or something
corcelformerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle
Español > arremeter: 3 sentidos > verbo 3, motion
SentidoMove quickly and violently.
Sinónimosarrancar, cargar, despedir, disparar, sacudirse
EspecíficoarrasarMove precipitously or violently
Generalapresurarse, correr, darse prisa, lanzarse, precipitarse, precipitarMove fast
TambiénespigarRise dramatically
Similardisparar, echarseRun or move very quickly or hastily
Ingléstear, shoot, shoot down, charge, buck

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