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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra ajustarse:
VERBOchangeajustarse, guiarse, seguirbehave in accordance or in agreement with
changeajustarse, adaptarse, adaptar, ajustar, conformarse, conformar, regularadapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions
stativeajustarse, obedecerbe similar, be in line with
Español > ajustarse: 3 sentidos > verbo 1, change
SentidoBehave in accordance or in agreement with.
Sinónimosguiarse, seguir
Generalaparentar, copiar, imitar, remedarReproduce someone's behavior or looks
Inglésfollow, conform to
Catalánguiar-se, seguir
Español > ajustarse: 3 sentidos > verbo 2, change
Sentidoadapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions.
Sinónimosadaptarse, adaptar, ajustar, conformarse, conformar, regular
Específicoacatar, obedecerBe obedient to
aclimatarse, aclimatar, ambientarGet used to a certain climate / climate
asimilarseBecome similar to one's environment
cuadrarCause to match, as of ideas or acts
enfocarBecome focussed or come into focus
readaptarseadapt anew
readaptarse, reajustarse, reajustarAdjust anew
Inglésadjust, conform, adapt
Catalánadaptar-se, adaptar, ajustar-se, ajustar, conformar-se
Adjetivoadaptablecapable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use
adaptable, adaptativa, adaptativoHaving a capacity for adaptation
Nombresadaptación biológica, adaptacion, adaptaciónThe process of adapting to something (such as environmental conditions)
ajuste, atemperaciónmaking or becoming suitable
conformista, contemporizadorsomeone who conforms to established standards of conduct (especially in religious matters)
Español > ajustarse: 3 sentidos > verbo 3, stative
SentidoBe similar, be in line with.
Contrariodesviar, divergir, variarBe at variance with
Nombresconformación, conformidad, cumplimientoActing according to certain accepted standards

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