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English > 4 senses of the word rather:
ADVERBallrather, insteadon the contrary
allrather, kind of, kinda, sort ofto some (great or small) extent
allrather, preferably, soonermore readily or willingly
allrather, quiteto a degree (not used with a negative)
rather > pronunciation
Soundsrae'dher; rah'dher
Rhymesaltogether ... zither: 43 rhymes with dher...
English > rather: 4 senses > adverb 1
MeaningOn the contrary.
  • "rather than disappoint the children, he did two quick tricks before he left"
  • rather (or instead), he wrote her a letter"
Spanishen lugar de, en vez de, sin embargo
English > rather: 4 senses > adverb 2
MeaningTo some (great or small) extent.
  • "it was rather cold"
  • "the party was rather nice"
  • "the knife is rather dull"
  • "I rather regret that I cannot attend"
  • "He's rather good at playing the cello"
Synonymskind of, kinda, sort of
Spanishalgo, bastante
English > rather: 4 senses > adverb 3
MeaningMore readily or willingly.
Example "I'd rather be in Philadelphia"
Synonymspreferably, sooner
Spanishpreferentemente, preferiblemente
Catalanpreferentment, preferiblement
English > rather: 4 senses > adverb 4
MeaningTo a degree (not used with a negative).

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