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English > 1 sense of the expression Mustagh Range:
NOUNobjectMustagh Range, Karakoram, Karakoram Range, Karakorum Range, Mustagha mountain range in northern Kashmir
English > Mustagh Range: 1 sense > noun 1, object
MeaningA mountain range in northern Kashmir; an extension of the Hindu Kush; contains the 2nd highest peak.
SynonymsKarakoram, Karakoram Range, Karakorum Range, Mustagh
Instance ofrange, mountain range, range of mountains, chain, mountain chain, chain of mountainsA series of hills or mountains
Part ofKashmir, Cashmere, Jammu and KashmirAn area in southwestern Asia whose sovereignty is disputed between Pakistan and India
PartsGasherbrumA mountain in northern Kashmir (26,470 feet high)
K2, Godwin Austen, Mount Godwin Austen, DapsangA mountain peak in the Karakoram Range in northern Kashmir
RakaposhiA mountain peak in the Karakoram Range in northern Kashmir (25,560 feet high)

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