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English > 4 senses of the word languor:
NOUNfeelinglanguor, dreaminessa relaxed comfortable feeling
phenomenonlanguoroppressively still air
feelinglanguor, lassitude, listlessnessa feeling of lack of interest or energy
attributelanguor, lethargy, sluggishness, phlegm, flatnessinactivity / inactivity
English > languor: 4 senses > noun 1, feeling
MeaningA relaxed comfortable feeling.
Broadereasiness, relaxationA feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry
Catalanensopiment, languiment, llangor
English > languor: 4 senses > noun 2, phenomenon
MeaningOppressively still air.
  • "the afternoon was hot, quiet, and heavy with languor"
  • "Summer shows all the languor of a hot, breezeless day as the dancer lazily brushes her hand over her brow"
Broaderwind, air current, current of airAir moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure
English > languor: 4 senses > noun 3, feeling
MeaningA feeling of lack of interest or energy.
Synonymslassitude, listlessness
BroaderapathyAn absence of emotion or enthusiasm
Spanishapatía, languidez, lasitud
English > languor: 4 senses > noun 4, attribute
Meaninginactivity / inactivity; showing an unusual lack of energy.
Synonymslethargy, sluggishness, phlegm, flatness
Broaderinactiveness, inactivity, inertiaA disposition to remain inactive or inert
Spanishlanguidez, letargo
Adjectiveslanguorouslacking spirit or liveliness

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