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English > 1 sense of the expression game equipment:
NOUNartifactgame equipmentequipment or apparatus used in playing a game / game / game
English > game equipment: 1 sense > noun 1, artifact
Meaningequipment or apparatus used in playing a game / game / game.
Narrowerbackboard, basketball backboardA raised vertical board with basket attached
ballround object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games / games
bowling equipmentequipment used in bowling
countergame equipment (as a piece of wood, plastic, or ivory) used for keeping a count or reserving a space in various card or board games
crossbargame equipment consisting of a horizontal bar to be jumped or vaulted over
gameThe game equipment needed in order to play a particular game / game / game
goalgame equipment consisting of the place toward which players of a game / game / game try to advance a ball or puck in order to score points
horseshoegame equipment consisting of an open ring of iron used in playing horseshoes
jack, jackstonesgame equipment consisting of one of several small six-pointed metal pieces that are picked up while bouncing a ball in the game / game / game of jacks
man, piecegame equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games
netgame equipment consisting of a strip of netting dividing the playing area in tennis or badminton
paintball gunAn air gun used in the game / game of paintball
pinball machine, pin tablegame equipment on which pinball is played
pool table, billiard table, snooker tablegame equipment consisting of a heavy table on which pool is played
quoitgame equipment consisting of a ring of iron or circle of rope used in playing the game / game of quoits
roulette wheel, wheelgame equipment consisting of a wheel with slots that is used for gambling
spinnerBoard game equipment that consists of a dial and an arrow that is spun to determine the next move in the game / game
BroaderequipmentAn instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
Spanishequipo de juego
Catalanequipament de joc, equip de joc

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