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English > 1 sense of the word chyle:
NOUNbodychylea milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats
English > chyle: 1 sense > noun 1, body
MeaningA milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats; formed in the small intestine during digestion of ingested fats.
Broaderliquid body substance, bodily fluid, body fluid, humor, humourThe liquid parts of the body
SubstanceslymphA thin coagulable fluid (similar to plasma but) containing white blood cells (lymphocytes) and chyle
Catalanquil, quilo
Adjectiveschylaceous, chylousconsisting of chyle or having the properties of chyle
chyliferoustransmitting chyle
chylific, chylifactive, chylifactoryproducing or converting into chyle

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