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English > 2 senses of the word buttoned-up:
ADJECTIVEallbuttoned-up(British colloquial) not inclined to conversation
allbuttoned-upconservative in professional manner
English > buttoned-up: 2 senses > adjective 1
Meaning(British colloquial) not inclined to conversation.
RegionUnited Kingdom, UK, U.K., Britain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Great BritainA monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles
BroadertaciturnHabitually reserved and uncommunicative
Usage ofcolloquialismA colloquial expression
English > buttoned-up: 2 senses > adjective 2
MeaningConservative in professional manner.
Example"employers are looking for buttoned-up types"
Broaderconservativeresistant to change

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