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English > 1 sense of the word aldehyde:
NOUNsubstancealdehydeany of a class of highly reactive chemical compounds
English > aldehyde: 1 sense > noun 1, substance
MeaningAny of a class of highly reactive chemical compounds; used in making resins and dyes and organic acids.
Narroweracetaldehyde, ethanalA colorless volatile water-soluble liquid aldehyde used chiefly in the manufacture of acetic acid and perfumes and drugs
formaldehyde, methanalA colorless poisonous gas
furfural, furfuraldehydeA liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor
glyceraldehyde, glyceric aldehydeA sweet crystalline aldehyde formed by the breakdown of sugars
paraldehyde, ethanal trimerA colorless liquid / liquid (a cyclic trimer of acetaldehyde) that is used as a sedative and a solvent
propanal, propionaldehydeA colorless liquid aldehyde
propenal, acroleinA pungent colorless unsaturated liquid aldehyde made from propene
Broaderorganic compoundAny compound of carbon and another element or a radical
Adjectivesaldehydicof or related to or containing aldehydes

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