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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula traure:
VERBpossessiontraure, retirar, suprimir, treureremove (a commodity) from (a supply source)
possessiontraure, agafar, apropiar-se, confiscar, copar, prendre, treuretake by force
Català > traure: 2 sentits > verb 1, possession
SentitRemove (a commodity) from (a supply source).
Sinònimsretirar, suprimir, treure
EspecíficintervenirDraw from or dip into to get something
Generalapartar, copar, eliminar, emportar-se, extirpar, llevar, retirar, suprimir, treureRemove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
Tambéapropiar-se, copar, portar-se, prendre, treureTake into one's possession
Contraridepositar, dipositar, ingressarput into a bank account
Similarexprémer, extraure, extreuretake liquid out of a container or well
Anglèswithdraw, draw, take out, draw off
Espanyoldibujar, quitar, retirar, sacar, suprimir
NomslliuratThe person (or bank) who is expected to pay a check or draft when it is presented for payment
reintegració, reintegramentThe act of taking out money or other capital
Català > traure: 2 sentits > verb 2, possession
SentitTake by force.
Sinònimsagafar, apropiar-se, confiscar, copar, prendre, treure
Específicafanar, furtar, prendre, rampinyar, robarTake without the owner's consent
alleugerir, salvarTake by stealing
alliberar, llibertar, rescatarTake forcibly from legal custody
apoderar, capturar, confiscar, embargar, incautar, usurparseize and take control without authority and possibly with force
arrancar, arrencar, extorquir, extorsionar, treureObtain through intimidation
desvalisar, espoliar, expilar, saquejarsteal goods
pillar, saquejarplunder (a town) after capture
Espanyolapropiarse, coger, confiscar, copar, quitar, tomar

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