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Català > 1 sentit de l'expressió Guinea francesa:
NOMlocationGuinea francesa, Guinea, República de Guineaa republic in western Africa on the Atlantic
Català > Guinea francesa: 1 sentit > nom 1, location
SentitA republic in western Africa on the Atlantic; formerly a French colony; achieved independence from France in 1958.
SinònimsGuinea, República de Guinea
Espècimen deÀfricaAny one of the countries occupying the African continent
MembresguineàA native or inhabitant of Guinea
Part deAfrica, ÀfricaThe second largest continent
PartsNígerAn African river
capital de Guinea, ConakryA port and the capital of Guinea
AnglèsGuinea, Republic of Guinea, French Guinea
EspanyolGuinea francesa, Guinea
AdjectiusguineàOf or relating to or characteristic of Guinea or its inhabitants

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